# Adding new node

Install Storidge software

Install the Storidge software and dependencies on the new node with:

curl -fsSL ftp://download.storidge.com/pub/ce/cio-ce | sudo bash


The installation requires access to system devices so sudo access or root user is needed

Install the Kubernetes components (kubelet, kubeadm, kubectl, kubernetes-cni) on the worker node if not already installed.

Add node

Adding a new node just takes two steps:

  1. Add new node to Storidge cluster
  2. Add new node to Kubernetes

Add to Storidge cluster

Running cioctl join-token generates a token to add a new node to an existing Storidge cluster. Copy the cioctl node add ... command string generated, and run on the new node.


root@sds:~# cioctl join-token
    cioctl node add 909ab2a6afad21f26369c00a8ba7307e-076f50d0


The creation of new join tokens is disabled when there are on-going node operations, e.g. cordon, uncordon or removing a node from cluster.

Wait, then re-run the join-token command when the node operation is completed.

Add to Kubernetes

After the new node is added to Storidge cluster, join node to Kubernetes control plane so pods can be scheduled.

Run kubeadm token create --print-join-command on a master node. Copy the kubeadm join ... command string, and run on the new node.


root@master:~/examples# kubeadm token create --print-join-command
kubeadm join --token d7817i.flcq83smoad7npnd --discovery-token-ca-cert-hash sha256:d748737fa0b8f5f9145381cb681f5fbc41a1860ecd805e77cdce93acd92e07f2
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