# Visualize Storidge cluster metrics with Grafana

Grafana is often paired with Prometheus to visualize metrics. Where Prometheus gathers time-series data, Grafana visualizes it.

After setting up Prometheus (opens new window) to serve metrics for a Storidge cluster, follow steps below to configure Grafana.

Start Grafana

Start Grafana with the following docker run command:

docker run --restart=always --name grafana -d -p 3000:3000 grafana/grafana

Configure Prometheus as data source

Login to Grafana by navigating to IP address of your server at port 9090, i.e. http://<IP_ADDRESS>:3000. Use default account admin/admin.

Click the Add data source icon and select Prometheus. You are asked to configure your data source.

In the screen below, leave 'Prometheus' as the data source name, and add url of the Prometheus server in the HTTP section, e.g. Click on 'Save & Test' to exit.

Configure data source

Import dashboard

Next import an example Grafana dashboard (opens new window) provided by Storidge. From the dropdown menu on left column, go to Create/Import.

Enter '11359' in the Grafana.com Dashboard field. Click 'Upload .json file' to add the sample dashboard. In the Prometheus field, select the data source named 'Prometheus' created above, then click Import.

Your dashboard will look like the following.

Grafana Dashboard

Last Updated: 12/15/2019, 3:33:51 AM