# cio event


cio event [options]

Display most recent cio events. Defaults to 500 events if -n option not specified.


Name Description
-n NUMBER_OF_EVENTS Display most recent n number of events


Display the 5 most recent events.

$ cio event -n 5
04/14/2019-06:28:51 [info] [DFS] volume toRemove (vd3) removed on node 1862a9a1:1011
04/14/2019-06:34:24 [info] [DFS] volume help (vd3) created on node 1862a9a1:1009
04/14/2019-07:05:30 [info] [DFS] volume portainer (vd1) is expanded on node 99f8673e:1010
04/14/2019-07:12:41 [info] [DFS] volume help (vd3) created on node 4c7545a5:1009
04/14/2019-07:12:41 [info] [DFS] volume help (vd3) removed on node 1862a9a1:1011
Last Updated: 9/26/2019, 10:30:35 PM